1. Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for New Marketers - Launching in Nov '22, it's a 6-week course with a flexible, self-paced learning schedule. Training org for hands-on practice included. Sign up for only $75 using the code TVB301WI22

  2. Trailhead Marketer Career Path - This Path is specially designed for Marketers, where you can discover and learn in-demand skills, look at the current trends, and find the right Marketing Role.

  3. Marketing Cloud Resources by Guilda Hilaire

  4. Certification Prep:​

  5. Join the SFMC Trailblazer Community Group to stay updated with the latest news and get the answers to all your questions.

  6. Attend In-person and Virtual Trailblazer Community Events to learn more about the product features, networking, and a chance to participate in the quiz to win a 200$/400$ Certification Voucher. You can also check out the Events page to stay updated with the upcoming events and webinars.

  7. Foundational series for beginners videos by SFMC Trailblazers

  8. Explore Training programs by Salesforce partners and Trailhead Academy

  9. Developer Resources

  10. Salesforce Stack Exchange - This is a great platform to explore and share your knowledge with the community.

  11. Partner Learning Camp - This is only available for Salesforce Partners that includes the following courses:​​

    • Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP)​​

    • Marketing Cloud Personalisation (Interaction Studio)

    • Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)

    • Advanced Cross Channel

    • Audience Studio

    • SFMC Certification Fast Path

  12. All the Community Blogs, Videos, Webinar, and Repositories can be accessed at SFMC-curated site (Curated by Zakaria El Jazouli ).

  13. Marketing Cloud Developer Group Resources by Matt Cameron

  14. Salesforce Days 2022 - Marketing Cloud Recordings

  15. CDP Resources by Guilda Hilaire

  16. Automating Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Book by Greg Gifford and Jason Hanshaw

  17. Design Architecture Principles for Marketing Cloud - eBook by Eliot Harper

  18. Implementation Series by Trailblazing Together

  19. Architecture and Implementation Strategies Series by SFMC Trailblazers

  20. Recommended Articles:

  21. Slack Channels :

  22. Trails on Trailhead -​

  23. Modules on trailhead -​