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Deployment Manager

SFMC Deployment Manager is an Appexchange app that is used to copy or take a snapshot of the journeys, data extensions, attribute groups, or automation and deploy it between separate Marketing Cloud Business units or accounts.

Once installed, go to Setup -> Installed Packages -> Deployment Manager.

Under the Access tab, select the business unit and enable access to the specific set of users as needed.

Steps to be followed -

1. Go to the business unit/account from which you want to copy the design

2. Then navigate to Appexchange apps and select Deployment Manager

3. Under the 'Create snapshot' tab, select the journey, data extension, attribute groups, or automation as needed and click on the 'Create Snapshot' button.

4. Verify the components to be downloaded and click on create

5. A JSON file will be generated and downloaded to your system

5. Go to the business unit/account to which you want to deploy it

6. Under the 'Deploy Snapshot' tab, select the JSON file and click on the 'Deploy' button.

Things to Note -

1. All the components are sorted in alphabetical order, and there is no folder structure when creating a snapshot. You have to know the exact file name or use the search bar to find your file.

2. You can deploy only one JSON file at a time. So, it is better to select all the components and create a single file.

Number of times to deploy = 1 x (Number of files)


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