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Dreamforce 2021 - Marketing Roadmap

At Dreamforce 2021, a lot of exciting and powerful features were announced by the Salesforce Product Marketing team. While some of them are GA now and the rest will be GA in the upcoming releases.

Let's take a look at all the announcements for Marketers.

1. Journeys + Slack - GA Spring '22

  • The team can get notified in Slack when an activity is added or updates are done to a Journey

  • The Journey can be activated directly from Slack. Once activated, Einstein AI detects any anomalies and notifies the user to take the necessary action.

  • Pause the Journey from your phone via a Slack Push Notification

  • Navigate to the Journey with just a click from Slack

  • Make adjustments to the Journey and notify via Slack for better cross-team collaborations

  • Share Dataroma reports with the Journey KPIs from Slack

Image Credit: Salesforce

2. Salesforce CDP

  • Unify the Customer data at a single place from various sources (Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Interaction Studio, Amazon s3, Installed Packages, Mulesoft, etc.,)

  • Expand the power of CDP with the partner apps from Appexchange.

  • Visualize the data for deeper insights with 'Tableau Integration' - GA Now

  • 'Einstein Engagement Scoring' is used to improve the targeting and predict consumer engagement with Email and Mobile Push messaging. It uses customer data and machine learning to generate predictive models that assign scores for every contact's likelihood to open and click emails and to interact with push notifications. - GA Now

  • Use Salesforce CDP as an entry source to pull the attributes/data into the Journey

Image Credit: Salesforce

3. Interaction Studio + Salesforce CDP

  • Integrate CDP and Interaction Studio to power real-time personalization based on the passive and current customer behavior. Einstein AI drives the next best action and personal recommendations for each customer. - GA Now

  • Based on the actions taken by the Customer on the website, pass the data to the Journey Builder segments in real-time to send out the communications (Email/Push) for further information/support - GA Now

  • Interaction Studio Connector for Sales & Service Cloud to enable the support team to better interact with the customers and see all the rich data for each of them that is pulled from Interaction Studio (Recommendations/Promotions/Actions) right within the Sales/Service Cloud console - GA Now

4. Customer-Driven Mobile Engagement - GA Winter '22

  • Collect In-app behavioral events through Mobile SDKs to deliver real-time messaging to the customers

  • Use 'Mobile App Event Management Tool' in Journey Builder to track the actions in your App and use 'Wait until Push Engagement' to wait until a specific action is taken by the Customer. In addition, enter/exit a customer based on a specific action (Engage with a specific feature, purchase an item, etc.,).

  • For example, Send a push notification to the customer to update their profile. Assuming they click on it, but do not complete the action. Then, the next step would be to send an In-app message so when they re-open the app at a later point in time, they receive a message to complete their profile.

5. Einstein Designer - GA spring '22

  • It is an AI-powered design solution for delivering personalized design at scale. To get started, add a Header Copy, Body Copy, CTA, and a few images to the Designer. In return, the AI creates different variations and most engaging combinations of the content. You can pick one or multiple pieces of content that might be best suited for your use case.

  • For an additional layer of AI, use 'Einstein Content Testing' to see which pieces of content might be the most effective for your subscribers based on the past engagement.

  • You can also share the content via Slack with your team members and see what they think about it.

6. Datorama Reports Advanced - GA Now

  • Available for Pro, Corporate & Enterprise editions

  • Includes the ability to query the data with 'all clicks - no code' using Dimensions (Fields), Measurements (Bounce, Open, Click, etc.,), and filters.

  • If you need data beyond standard email and mobile data, then use out-of-the-box apps to optimize your cross-channel marketing performance. Includes:

    1. Email to Web Conversion to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns (Google Analytics)

    2. Audience Insights for Advertising Studio

    3. Cross-Channel Marketing Insights to strategize budget in order to maximize growth and ROI - (Paid Media and Owned Media Channels)

    4. Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud - Funnel Overview

7. Datorama

  • 'Customer Insights for Salesforce CDP App' to get audience insights, engagement, conversions, optimize marketing budgets and impacts - GA Now

  • 'Personalization Insights for Interaction Studio App' to deep dive into audience segments - GA Winter '22

8. Privacy Changes

With the new privacy changes taking place, Marketers are forced to change their strategies and innovate new ways to create meaningful experiences for the customers.

Some of the strategies to keep in mind:

  • Start to shift the focus on the first-party data to drive personalization rather than completely relying on the third-party data.

  • Focus on analytics to keep a track of KPIs and user behavior over time

  • See beyond the Email open rates to measure the impact and engagement

  • Understand how your customers interact across different channels and then optimize. Also, set up specific goals within the journey across different touchpoints based on how they engage with your brand.

  • Leverage Einstein AI features to power more personalized experiences

Below are some of the privacy changes that are/will be taking place.

2020 Changes:

  • Apple blocks 3rd Party Cookies by default

  • Firefox blocks 3rd Party Cookies by default

2021 Changes:

  • Apple allows users to opt-out of app tracking

  • Apple Mail Privacy Protection (Q3)

  • Apple Privacy Relay (Q3)

  • Android ID opt-out (Q4) - Google generates an advertising ID for each device to push relevant ads. All the apps on your phone can access this ID as well. So, this update will enable you to opt-out of the ads and signal all the apps to delete your tracking data.

  • NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) Hashed Email Tracking opt-out

2022 & Beyond:

  • Chrome 3rd party cookie deprecation (probably 2023)

  • Chrome FLoCs (Federated Learning of Cohorts) - Enables advertising in a way that preserves privacy. Google is already testing this in millions of devices and this might be the new alternative for the cookies.


With so many changes happening around, Marketers need to change their digital strategies as per the customer expectations and build strong relationships and trust with them.

As per the recent Marketing Report, Organizations that are more Data-focused, Embrace AI, Prioritize Privacy, and follow Agile methods drive more value for their customers.

Hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to contact me with any feedback/suggestions.

See you in the next one.


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